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State Code

West Virginia State Code
§30-6: Board of Funeral Service Examiners
§47-14: Pre-Need Funeral Contracts
§9-5-9: Liability of Relatives for Support
§9-5-18: Funeral expenses for indigent persons; Filing of affidavit to certify indigency; Penalities for false swearing; Payment by division
WV DHHR Indigent Burial Program Manual
WV DHHR Application for Burial Benefits & Affidavit of Responsible Relative
§35-5A: Perpetual Care of and Trust Funds for Cemeteries
§35-5B: Pre-Need Cemetery Company Property, Goods, and Services; Related Contracts
§35-5: Cemeteries
§61-12-9: Permits required for cremation fees
6 CSR 2: Crematory Requirements