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The purposes of this Association are to promote the advancement of knowledge in development, operation and maintenance of perpetual care cemeteries. To continuously improve the services we render while creating and maintaining high ethical and moral standards. Further, to represent Association members in matters of legislation and in any public or private hearings or controversies deemed necessary or in the best interest of our profession.

The members of this Association agree to the following principles and ethics as a requisite of membership:

1. To abide by all laws of the State of West Virginia and its subdivisions as well as those stated in Association By-Laws.

2. Recognizing that laws accord perpetual care cemeteries a certain protection and privileges, we shall avoid practices which abuse these privileges or might lead to change in our privileged status.

3. To refrain from using any misrepresentation, exaggeration or deception in any program or policy which deals with our operation or the public we serve.

4. To make our rules and regulations, at all times, reasonable and freely available to those entitled to know them.

5. It shall be a practice to encourage families in our community to prearrange for cemetery products and services, while condemning the same for speculation or investment purposes.

6. Remembering the sacred nature of our service, we shall endeavor to conduct our perpetual care cemeteries and ourselves in such a manner as to be worthy of the trust placed in us and a credit to our community and profession.